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Bio - Michael Rössmann

Michael Roessmann

Michael Roessmann's musician career started in November 1975
when he bought his first electric guitar. A few months later
he founded the first band BRAIN DAMAGE together
with his brother Stefan on drums, Martin Grimme on lead guitar
and Michael Kronmeier on bass.
In the early days of BRAIN DAMAGE Michael was inspired
by DEEP PURPLE guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and FOCUS guitarist Jan Ackermann.
Later on when he developed his own style of playing the guitar,
he was mainly influenced by GENESIS guitarist Steve Hackett.

His favourite bands and musicians were YES, GENESIS, KANSAS, SAGA, DIRE STRAITS.
Michael's vision was to found a sophisticate rock band,
playing a self-written repertoire consisting on complex and
high sophisticated songs. The first trial in this direction was
the foundation of TUT ENCH AMUN together with his
brother Stefan and Martin Gastel on guitar in 1977.
Later on Wolfgang Vollmuth joined the band playing the bass guitar.
In 1978 Martin Gastel left the group and the band got a new name – AMENOPHIS.

For further information, please go to TIMELINE.

Instruments & Equipments:   Musicman, PRS & Fender Stratocaster E-guitars,
                                         Takamine & Ibanez 6-strings Acoustic Guitars,
                                         Mesa Dual Rectifier Roadster amp,
                                         Mesa 4x12 Stiletto Cabinet,
                                         TC Electronics Effects

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